BBQ is a true form of ART

The perfect fire

The flawless cut

The ultimate seasoning 

Your search for the perfect BBQ catering service in Sydney is over!
Bah Express is ready to light the fire on your event or celebration with its unmatched Brazilian Barbecue style! We bring our wood fire grill, experienced crew and all the best ingredients and flavors and of the traditional South American Barbecue to your function so that you only worry about having a great time!

The Origins


Churrasco – the Brazilian word for Barbecue – is a religion for those born and raised in the Gaúcho Plateau, in the south of Brazil and South America.

We bring that passion and commitment to perfection to your service, here in Sydney!

The real deal! The right way!
And just a call or message away!

Our Services

Nothing says “Happy times!” better than a great BBQ. It is the right environment for relaxing with friends, catching up with the latest stories and building up great memories with the ones that really matter to you.
And we believe that you should be able to enjoy this moments at the fullest!
So leave the grilling and cooking to our specialists! Don’t stress about the setup, the fire and the degree of doneness!
We will get it all taken care for you so that you will only worry about enjoying the moment!

We absolutely love what we do! For our team, it is always more than a BBQ. It is a celebration of our culture just as much as a celebration of life!

Bah Express BBQ Team

Our Menus

We are ready to grill it for you!
Now, all you need to do is choose what package suits you best and we will source the best ingredients to bring the unique Bah Express flavors into your event.

*Minimum of 30 people per event

** Prices excluding GST


A$ 45/p

Included meat




A$ 49/p

Included meat





A$ 53/p

Included meat





A$ 45/p


Mix Veggies

BAH Meat Lovers

A$ 59/p

Included meat





Now that you have seen all we can bring into your event, its is time to let our costumers tell you a bit more about our services, performances and flavors!
(Yes! We are quite proud of this part!)

Sourcing the Ingredients

When you choose Bah Express BBQ for your event, you know you are getting the best:  The Best Service and the Best Flavors!

And it all starts with the careful selection of products that will go into our packages.

We have diligently tested all possible suppliers in the whole Sydney area to make sure they fit our level of perfection!

Our friends at A & S Select Meats are one of our qualified suppliers. They also have a great variety of Brazilian products at their online shop.

Authentic gaucho bbq
For extraordinary people

As the old saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”!
So…here is the book we have been writing!
Can you taste it?!

Our Team

Commited to perfection

Nothing makes our crew happier than the chance of making your event a perfect celebration !

Our team is always on point, ready to bring you the best service and the best flavors from our traditional Brazilian BBQ.


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